Recruiting for top talent in the legal industry is tedious and stressful – with so much competition out there for quality candidates, recruiting can take up a large portion of your day – and cost you a lot of money if not done correctly.

Are you ready to revisit your recruitment process? Or do you need a more effective strategy to attract high performing employees? Consider these three tips below:


Tailor your expectations

It is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the role you are advertising for, before you set your job advert live. If you can gain a deeper knowledge on the skillset needed for the role, you’ll be able to determine from your applications who has the experience required to succeed in the role. The job description you create will also be more tailored and detailed, which in turn will attract an improved quality of candidates.


Specify in your job description

A job description is the first insight a quality candidate in the legal industry will have of your firm. Don’t waste the opportunity to get them excited about the role you’re advertising for. Create an effective, impactful job description – and make it unique. For example, can you talk about the generous working hours your firm has, or are there any perks for employees that are unique to others? Paint a picture of what the role entails, the environment employees will be working in, and what success looks like to your firm. Posting a job advert that breeds opportunity, positivity and uniqueness will attract, and convert. 


Build your pipeline

Posting your job advert on your website alone may not bring as much visibility as you would like to see – branch it out through a niche job board like Simply Law Jobs. We have over 159,000 candidates on our database, just waiting for a new challenge to catch their eye. And we have email alerts set up to specific categories – so as soon as you post your job with us, it goes straight to the relevant candidate’s inbox.


If you’re ready to revisit your recruitment process, give Simply Law Jobs a call today on: 01772 639042 to discuss your options.

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