Get to the top with ‘Keyword sponsorship’

How it works

Your advert is displayed at the top of the listings based on your chosen search term(s) specific to your job. For example an ‘Paralegal’ in ‘London, UK’.

When appearing at the top of the list, it is highlighted with a ‘Sponsored job’ tag, so it stands out even more to relevant jobseekers.

You can purchase this product with any package, or simply just one job advert on Simply Law Jobs.

On average, ‘Keyword sponsorship’ increases your applications by


Benefits to you

Targeted candidates

Choose your audience based on the relevancy to your job advert.

Higher quality jobseekers

Use industry jargon as your selected search terms, to add an extra screening section to your hiring process.

Increase applications

Increased visiblity of your job advert attracts a higher quantity of relevant jobseekers.

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