How it works

It’s very simple. We send an email out that links to your advert, to encourage jobseekers to apply for your job or course. This is a bolt on product. You can buy it if you have purchased any package, or just one job advert on Simply Law Jobs. Once the email has been sent, we’ll send you a performance report to let you know how your ‘Targeted email’ went.

On average, a ‘Targeted email’ increases your applications by


Benefits to you

Timing is key

Everyone’s audience is different, so we make sure we send your email at peak times of the day depending on the location you have chosen, to ensure it has the best impact possible.

Targeted your candidates

You can choose your audience by how often they open our emails, their skills, location, and the relevant salary bracket.

Increase applications

On average, a well written ‘Targeted email’ gives you 3-4 more quality applications on your job. More often than not, a placement comes from a jobseeker’s who applied via an email.
We’ll even design your email for you at no extra cost!
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