Simply Law has announced that the legal job site has undergone the biggest transformation in its 18 year history.

Based on in-depth research into the industry, as well as extensive feedback and insights provided by Simply Law clients and jobseekers, the site has been relaunched with a brand new look, new and exciting features and old favourites which have been updated or revamped.

The job site has been optimised so jobseekers and recruiters can connect in the quickest and easiest way possible. This includes better search filters, enhanced candidate profiles, prompts to provide better job advert descriptions and an improved candidate management system to manage job applications more efficiently.


The relaunch also aims to eliminate common bugbears of jobseekers such as the time spent applying for vacancies and not hearing back from employers after applying for jobs.

In a recent survey, 38% of Simply Law users claimed that job adverts don’t provide the information which they are looking for.
With the new prompts to provide better job advert descriptions, jobseekers can gain a better understanding of the job responsibilities, skill requirements, benefits and company culture. This will help jobseekers better match themselves to relevant career opportunities before taking the time to apply for jobs. Recruiters will also benefit by receiving a better quality of application.


In the same survey, 46% of users claimed the most frustrating part about job hunting was not hearing back from a recruiter after applying.
With an improved candidate management system, recruiters can update candidates on the status of their application at the click of a button. Better communication will improve the candidate experience and allow jobseekers to concentrate on the next stage of the recruitment process, whether that be applying for other jobs or preparation for an interview.

For the first time ever, the revamped site will allow jobseekers to apply for jobs using their Simply Law profile instead of their CV. The candidate profiles allows jobseekers to showcase their talent, skills and experience which means a better chance of reaching the interview stage and landing their dream job.


The relaunch was triggered in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. With a global pandemic to deal with, recruitment took a back seat for many employers.

Dave Capper, Simply Law Director said, “As soon as Covid-19 put a temporary pause on recruitment, it gave us the opportunity to sit back and reflect on where we could make improvements.”

He continued, ‘We reached out to clients and jobseekers to ask them what they loved about Simply Law, what they didn’t and what could be implemented to improve their experience. We always knew that we wanted to provide a platform inspired by the needs of the people who use it most.”


“We always knew that we wanted to provide a platform inspired by the needs of the people who use it most.”


The relaunch is just phase one of the regeneration. Phase two will concentrate on career development and creating a community in which professionals can connect. This will include mentorship guidance, career case studies, upskilling opportunities, end to end career guidance and much more.

Capper said, “After reaching out to our jobseekers, we discovered that there was a need to expand our offerings. Our focus has always been on connecting jobseekers with jobs, but our future vision is to support professionals from the minute they consider joining the legal industry, through the process of gaining their qualifications and experience, during the job search and throughout the course of their career. We want to be there every step of the way!”

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