The impact of Covid-19 on employment in the legal job market has already been substantial and with government support schemes due to end in October, a fresh wave of job cuts is expected.

Some law firms are yet to publish the results of their latest financial year but have forecast a difficult year ahead, with hundreds of careers hanging in the balance.

The legal industry is typically more resilient than other industries, such as aviation and hospitality, but the decline in dealmaking within the economy has resulted in a knock on effect to lawyers.

We asked the visitors of Simply Law Jobs in August why they were using the site and how they felt about their future career in the industry.


Key Insights

  • 69.3% said their current / previous job had been affected by Covid-19
  • 44.9% had been made redundant due to Covid-19
  • 73.7% said they were concerned about the future of their career in the industry
  • 57.9% said they had searched for a new job daily in the last few months


Based on a Simply Law Jobs survey of 241 legal professionals.

Responses acquired in August 2020. 

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