The rule book was well and truly torn up in 2020, so in keeping with that theme, Simply Law Jobs decided to do their corporate Christmas gifts a little different this year.

Instead of thanking our clients with their usual gifts, they opted to use that money to provide much needed support in the local community.

The money was split between a food bank donation and presents to homeless teenagers, distributed through the Streetlife organisation in Blackpool. 

Food banks up and down the country have seen an increase in demand since the pandemic told a serious hold back in March. With thousands losing their jobs, and many more furloughed, food banks are anticipating a busy winter period ahead.

Simply Law Jobs Director, Dave Capper, said, “It’s been a very difficult year and we’re delighted to contribute towards these worthy charities.”

He continued, “We’re always thankful to our loyal customers, but this year more than ever. We hope our customers are pleased to have had this donation made in their name.”

“We’re delighted to contribute towards these worthy charities.”

On top of an already generous donation made through Simply Law Jobs, the Simply Law Jobs team wanted to do their bit as well, collectively adding another stack of food and toiletries to the donation.

Key Account Manager, Natasha Metcalf, said, “This company is very generous anyway, there is always a bake sale or charity bike ride going on somewhere.”

She continued, “We do a collection for a food bank every Christmas but this year, we have really stepped it up as the demand is so much higher. Our contribution to the food bank is the least we could do.”

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