Remote working gained popularity during the COVID-19 crisis and is now being preferred by many companies due to its various advantages. Working remotely has proven benefits like increased staff productivity and motivation, employee retention, cost-saving for travel, food, parking, and more.

The advantages of remote work are for both employers and employees, this is the reason it is becoming a well-liked concept globally. Remote working enables companies to hire competent workers from different regions. It helps the employees with striking a work-life balance which often gets challenging while working 8-9 hours in an office.

To effectively benefit from remote working, employers have to devise and implement a well-thought-out strategy that can include employees spending at least two days at the office.
Below are some more benefits of working from home!


Flexibility reduces work stress


Remote workers have the flexibility to complete their tasks without having the usual time constraints. This takes the pressure off and a person can give the best while working on a project.

 It often happens where employees have to take some hours off to run important errands, show up to a doctor’s appointment, or be at a parents-teachers meeting, one of the biggest advantages of wfh is that an employee doesn’t feel the stress to be at multiple places juggling with so many things as not everyone is a great multi-tasker.

For employees working from home has many perks. They can set up their office space as they please to create a comfortable working environment. They don’t have to worry about catching a bus or train or waiting in the parking area to reach the office on time. Not getting into contact with too many people ensures better health as the COVID-19 virus is still out there.


Cost saving


For employers, remote working is a great cost saver. Even if you have rented a place for the in-house employees, the space that remote workers are not occupying will save you the utilities, cleaning, equipment, and furniture.

One of the biggest benefits of remote work for employers is they can save up a lot on the tech equipment and other commodities that have to be provided to the employees working in the office like the provision of a coffee shop or eatery, water, electricity, and internet.


Remote working boosts positivity

Working remotely boosts the positivity and motivation of the employees and they feel more inclined toward contributing to the growth of an organisation. Ensuring teamwork between remote and onsite staff will help you with getting more fruitful results in the form of timely completion of tasks and improved quality of the deliverables.

Remote employees tend to be happier and they can inculcate that positive attitude in other team members.


Hiring competent employees gets easier

Many a time you come across a potential candidate with all your required qualifications and the ability to excel in a role, the only hurdle to hiring is the issues with relocation or commute.

Remote working enables you to recruit the most talented or competent workers thus strengthening your team. When you don’t have to worry about the geographical location of the candidates as you can increase your talent pool and select a professional who brings value to your business.


Managing employees becomes simple

One of the many benefits of remote working for business is that you don’t get to handle the daily cases of absenteeism or other issues. Working from home allows an unwell worker to get rest and complete a task later during the day, on the other hand, an employee with a headache or fever will prefer not to show up at the office at all.

Remote working helps the employees with structuring their day around their work which reduces the need to take any extra time off which is quite beneficial for the employers.


Remote working is time efficient

For employers it is important to encourage the employees to utilise their time effectively, however, they can’t ask them to not have coffee breaks or work consistently for straight 8-9 hours.

Remote working aids in increasing the time efficiency, for instance, if you have given a marketing or writing assignment to a worker, it is very likely that you will have it delivered in minimal hours if the employee is working from home. The remote workers attribute working from their places to being less distracting which improves their focus and creativity.


Increased employee loyalty and retention

Happy workers are loyal employees who tend to stick with a company. By offering remote working opportunities to your teams, you will witness enhanced loyalty and retention rates for your employees.

Most people prefer their peace and quiet when working, office spaces can be noisy and distracting so providing the workers the option to work from their places allow creative thinking that subsequently results in better work quality.

Employees develop respect for their employers when they experience a sense of freedom and flexible working hours are a great way to boost that. Offering a worker who can’t devote long hours at the office an opportunity to remotely work will win you over a loyal employee who will advocate for your company to the new or potential hires.

Remote working makes the employees put in more focused efforts in their day-to-day tasks which gets a job or project done in a better way. In order to reap these and other benefits of remote work for companies, leverage technology. There are messaging apps, intranet platforms, and task management tools options available to facilitate remote working.