We recently caught up with Armary to discover the secrets to working from home comfortably. This is what they said:


“They say don’t take work home with you but back in March, millions of us were ordered by Boris Johnson to do just that. After fading popularity since the 1990s, the home office returned with a bang after a nationwide lockdown was announced.

While some completely remodelled their home to accommodate new work arrangements, the majority of us made do with a makeshift space with the intention to return to the office “once Covid-19 was over.”

While the virus looks set to stay, until a vaccine is found anyway, thousands of workers must now face working from home as the new normal for a long time to come. Only a few weeks ago, the government urged us all to return to the office, only to do a seismic U-turn earlier this week, telling all office workers to work from home if they could.

Some businesses have even announced that they will adopt this approach as a long term strategy as it works better for their business and employees.

As we try to navigate our way through the confusion, it is important to be comfortable, wherever that work space may be. With that in mind, here’s our top 3 tips to work from home in the long term.


Dress For Productivity

I’ve seen countless blogs claiming that “dressing smart” at home will make you more productive. While it might be true for some people, every single human being ticks differently so dress for what works for you.

If you feel more comfortable in leisurewear, throw on those joggers! You’re likely to be way more productive then sitting in something uncomfortable. If wearing work attire puts you “in the zone,” do that.

As long as you’re not required to be a Zoom call (with the camera on) it doesn’t really matter as no-one will even see you.


Invest in a Proper Desk & Chair

You might have to search a little harder than normal for the perfect office items as demand has skyrocketed since March, but a good desk and chair is key to comfort in the long term. While tables are roughly the same height as your average desk, dining room chairs are slightly lower and you can’t adjust them.

Perching at your dining table may have been a short term solution but it’s important to keep a good body posture or you’ll be plagued with neck and back problems later down the line.

Creating a comfy office space within your home will also help you separate work from home which, let’s face it, is what we all need.


Maintain Healthy Eating Patterns

A healthy diet is recommended to keep invigorated and productive at work, but if working from home is making you reach for the fridge every hour, perhaps it’s time to adopt a new routine.

Fuel up efficiently by eating low glycaemic foods at breakfast. In doing so, your body gains a steady source of energy to get you through until lunch. Consume caffeine in small amounts to avoid a whopping crash after a sudden spike of energy.
Don’t overindulge at lunch as a full belly will more than likely send you sleepy in the afternoon – and you’ve got work to do!

Taking an actual break to eat, rather than tucking in at your desk. will also help you feel more refreshed throughout the day. And if you must reach for the sugary snacks (we’re not judging,) try and eat them later in the afternoon so you have the energy dip once you’ve clocked off!”

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