Including salary information on your job advert makes it clear what is on offer, and whether or not the offer is attractive, giving top candidates a reason to spend time applying for your job.

The benefits of including a salary range far outweigh the cons.

“I never understand why salaries are missed off job descriptions. I wouldn’t take the time to apply for a job which might not match what I am looking for.”

We have listed 5 reasons why you SHOULD. 


1. It’s a high priority for jobseekers

It is probably no surprise to you that salary is a high priority to jobseekers looking for a new role but it is also seen as a motivator. Jobseekers will often seek a new position for a higher paid salary, so your job advert needs to be attractive for them to consider applying. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch their attention and make it worth their time to apply. 


2. Jobseekers will search for the salary

Whether it be reaching out to you personally or making use of a salary checker such as Glassdoor, jobseekers can use these to find out the average salary they can expect for the role you have advertised. Although salary is of high priority, it is not the only deciding factor for a jobseeker.  

If you’re upfront you’re less likely to miss out on top talent, as you’re clearly showing the salary that is being offered for the role. Having this transparency will also mean that you save yourself time by avoiding any unnecessary questions from jobseekers that you could have easily answered in the job description. 


3. Meet their salary expectations 

By posting a salary range, you will also be safe in the knowledge that each applicant’s salary expectations have already been met, as most jobseekers who leave employment looking for a new role are also looking for a higher salary. 

Upfront details about what the salary for the role is will only encourage applications from top talent candidates. 


4. Stand out from the crowd

A salary that is clearly advertised and competitive will only make your job advert stand out from the competition. The best candidates are often more selective on what they choose to apply for, so now is your chance to try and grab their attention by making it clear what is on offer. 

On Simply Law, 32% of our jobseekers stated that they felt salary was missing from job adverts. 


5. You’ll get better quality applications

Rather than receiving a load of applications that aren’t worth reading, if you have provided a salary range jobseekers will have an idea of the value of the role in comparison to their skillset. 

Although not all candidates will mention salary initially, they could be wasting your time if the salary being offered is not something they can afford. If the salary is added, you avoid this happening. 


Bonus tip – Shout about your perks

When job searching legal professionals are looking for not just another job but a career, it’s important to showcase the benefits of your company such as the income potential and mentioning what they can expect in terms of career growth. These types of additional perks can further influence the jobseeker’s decision and help you to attract top professionals to your company. 

At the end of the day a candidate will only accept what they’re worth, so be clear what it is you’re offering, which in turn will result in better candidate applications. 

Simply Law have made improvements to what is required in the salary fields.
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