Discover key insights into our 2019-20 Flexible Working Survey.


Key Insights

  • 44.4% work the traditional 9-5 hours
  • 89.7% cited flexible working hours as “important” when searching for their next role
  • 29.4% of legal professionals cited that they were “100% loyal” to their current employer
  • 72.2% of legal professionals ‘set a hard boundary’ between home and work life

Based on an Simply Law Jobs survey of 36 legal professionals. 

Responses acquired between 15th November 2018 and 2nd August 2020

Highlights from our 2018-19 Annual Report

Highlights from our 2018-19 Annual Report

Every January, we compile all our data from the previous year to gather insights into the legal job market and how it is evolving. Below we take a look at key insights into our 2018-19 Annual Report.   Key Insights Between 2018 and 2019, Solicitor roles have been...